This site archives Hollywood movies where the tiny European country Belgium is mentioned.  Clicking any poster below will play a scene where you will learn why Belgium is so interesting:

sherlockholmes smaller  
amidnightclear smaller BarryLyndon smaller beyondthegates smaller bridgetjones2 smaller
touchofevil smaller thenunsstory smaller theemperorsnewclothes smaller thebrothersbloom smaller
cheri crimespree smaller duplicity smaller everafter
thebourneidentity smaller theafricanqueen smaller speak smaller smalltimecrooks smaller
afishcalledwanda fiercecreatures smaller friendswithbenefits smaller hotelrwanda smaller
harrypotter smaller senseandsensibility smaller saintsandsoldiers smaller patton smaller
outofafrica mousehunt smaller iq smaller alig smaller
singles   themanfromearth smaller legendsofthefall smaller
maryandmartha smaller  thegoodnight smaller  thesmurfs smaller  themonumentsmen smaller

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